Simple, Free Net Promoter Score Surveys

Thanks for your interest in Trustfuel’s NPS app! We’re currently at capacity. But add your name to the waiting list, and we’ll be in touch as soon as space is available!

Net Promoter Score Software

Email-based NPS

Build beautiful, branded email surveys that work on phones, tablets and desktops.

Response Dashboard

Quickly see and sort comments and scores from your customers.

Campaign Management

Create and segment campaigns to use for multiple accounts and products.

Engage customers for free, forever

Send up to 1,000 surveys a month at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this NPS software be free?

This is a standalone NPS survey tool built by Trustfuel. Once you’ve sent a few net promoter surveys, you might find Trustfuel’s platform for customer success teams helpful.

We provide other great resources to customer success, support and account teams. Check out our customer success job board and free guides.

How do I conduct a NPS survey?

Upload a CSV file with names and emails of your customers, upload your logo and hit send. When customers start responding, answers and scores will appear in your dashboard.

We’ve written a small book aptly titled Getting Started with NPS. It’s a short read and if filled with tips and best practices. Additionally, there is a ton of great content about Net Promoter Score on the Trustfuel blog.

Who is this tool for?

This tool is perfect for small-and-medium-sized software companies that want to quickly know the health of their customers. No hassle.

If you need to send more than 1,000 surveys per month, please schedule a demo for our customer success platform. Paying customers have a much higher monthly survey limit

Can I send recurring surveys?

No. If you want to send a survey, just click “Send a Survey.” If you want to send another survey in six months, login and click the same button again.

Why do I have to request an invitation?

This is a free tool we’ve built for the customer success community. Please understand that our ability to support and maintain this product is limited.