Choosing the Right Welding Helmet

Choosing the Right Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is one of the crucial tools of personal protective pieces a welder must have with them. The perfect helmet protects not only your eyes but also the skin from serious sparks. It also protects against infrared rays and vision-damaging ultraviolet rays released by the arc.

The modern helmets are more useful than the ones used a decade ago. They are made to suit the needs of a welder when doing any kind of job. All types of helmets must meet global safety standards. But what are some of the qualities you should look for when looking to buy a welding dayton oh helmet? Find out more below.

Passive Lenses

Passive lenses are also referred to as standard lenses. They feature only one shade. For you to see and work well, you must wear the helmet in an upward position, away from your face. Before you strike the arc, you should snap your neck to adjust the helmet in the right position to protect your eyes and face.

Passive lenses provide enough protection to welders for many years and they are cheaper compared to auto-darkening lenses. The problem with passive lenses is that they are not ergonomic, as it is difficult to constantly flip the helmets consequently causing pain to the neck. Furthermore, if you do not snap the hood accordingly, your eyes may be exposed to hazardous light. Amateur welders cannot hold the electrode in position when flipping the helmet, which may result in defective welds

Battery or Solar Power

Helmets feature several power options. Some come with solar assist panels while others come with replaceable lithium batteries, which are good for long battery life, although they are not as common as AAA batteries. Also, lithium batteries are expensive.

Notable, some helmets with solar panels need a lot of time to charge in direct sunlight before you use them. So, when it comes to choosing helmets, it will all depend on your personal needs and preference. But if you are looking for long battery life, choose lithium.

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

The majority of welding helmets in the market feature auto-darkening– a characteristic that can help you if there are flashes while you are wielding. A flash can be dangerous to your eyes, which can compromise with your work. It can be lethal. When you wear auto-darkening however, you will be able to protect your eyes while working, and you won’t have to worry about the flash flaring up.

Helmet Weight

Weight is a key factor when looking for a welding helmet. The heavier the helmet the more strained you will feel in the neck. For instance, if you weld for a couple of hours at once, a heavy helmet could be painful or uncomfortable. Plastic welding machines, on the other hand, are lighter.

You can add a hood with pivot-style or multiple bands to displace the weight of the helmet and position it better on your head. The best thing with a lighter helmet is that they have reduced risk of injuries over time. Lighter helmets are costlier than heavy helmets.

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