Keep Corrosion At Bay

Keep Corrosion At Bay

If you’re business uses metal equipment, then you need to know about corrosion. Corrosion is an unwanted nuisance that can be extremely costly and time consuming to repair. While it is a natural phenomenon it is something that can be controlled to some extent. For corrosion to occur, there must be metal, moisture and an oxidizing agent. A common term for corrosion is rust, and if you stop to look around, you’ll notice how prevalent it is.

Choose The Right Type of Metal

One of the easiest ways to prevent corrosion is to choose a corrosion-resistant metal like aluminum or stainless steel. While these metals are not completely immune to rust, they are resistant and require less corrosion prevention treatment and maintenance.

Apply Protective Coatings

At its most basic level, protective coatings can be as simple as paint or acrylic or powder coatings. In more complex situations, tank lining services can be used to manufacture and install containment liners, ductwork, hoppers, custom equipment and rubber lined tanks to help avoid corrosion.

Make Design Modifications

It is not always possible to modify the existing design of your equipment. However, if you can make adjustments to what you have or equipment you are ordering, then the best design for corrosion prevention is to make sure air circulation is adequate to prevent trapping dust and moisture. This is the ideal breeding ground for rust.

Reduce Environmental Exposure

Environmental gases like sulfur, oxygen and chlorine combined with moisture from rain, seawater or humidity can contribute to the development of rust. If exposure to these environmental elements can be reduced or removed, then the ability to avoid corrosion is increased.

Take an inventory of your metal equipment. Are there things you can do to repair or reduce corrosion? Some of these steps are simple but can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line.

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