Producing a Design to Order Project

Producing a Design to Order Project

Large Industrial Manufacturing companies receive most of their jobs thru government contracts, which are usually posted on a government bulletin board, where upcoming projects are listed. Each job posted is then entered into a bidding schedule, where small and large industrial shops try to underbid each other to gain the government job.

Designing the Parts

The second part of this industrial process takes place inside the winner of the bids fabrication shop, where from start to finish the parts will be designed, manufactured, inspected, polished and finally delivered. A fabricator works with different types of metal. The entire process is usually called steel fabrication; for the reason, everything from the designs to the molds is created from scratch within the fabrication’s shops and under the direction of master craftsmen at their different posts. The steel fabricator takes responsibility for all types of distortion to the fabrication as well as mistakes made in following the guidelines given by the client. An important part of the steel fabrication is the ability of the fabricator to shape the final product to fit the client’s original details from which the bid was awarded.

Locating an Industrial Shop

Today steel manufacturing or fabrication is a Multi-Billion Dollar business and competition is immense. Industrial fabricators are located around the world. For example to give an idea of how big industrial fabrication business is doing a simple search for one of the largest centers outside of the US, which is Australia. Even a single city should show significant returns. For example, a simple search with steel fabrication melbourne returns a result of over three hundred shops in the city. The same search term can be used in most cities anywhere in the world over 1 million in population and receive more or less similar results.

Bids not Restricted to Location

When a shop is bidding on a government contract the bid is not restricted by location but by the results the shop promises at the end of the project and the amount of the bid. While US Government contracts are made by the U.S. Government the U.S. Government has trade agreements with over 57 countries, which can bid on these contracts. Foreign steel fabrication shops are regulated under more stringent terms. The U.S. Government suggest different tips to foreign countries bidding for these contracts. First, they should look in their own countries. Second, know who the customer is who they are bidding. Third, have an already established presence in the United States. Finally, begin establishing their work thru bidding on subcontracts.

Completing the Contract

Once the industrial manufacturing job is completed then the client can sign off on the project after it is completed and the shop can move onto different bods for their shop. The important thing for large industrial manufacture is to stay in the loop of ongoing bids and further projects in order to survive in a fast-growing and competitive industry.

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