The Most Important Steps to Maintaining Your Air Compressor

The Most Important Steps to Maintaining Your Air Compressor

Buying an air compressor is a good investment for any business. In the realm of industrial manufacturing air compressors power pneumatic tools, power machinery, or simply inflate things. The type of job usually dictates the type of air compressor, but despite the various models they have one thing in common. Every air compressor requires a little love and attention. You can perform the maintenance yourself or task a service, but if left alone repairs will always cost more. So if you want to spare cost and ensure optimal performance form your compressor, here are the best steps to take to make that happen.

Get To Know Your Compressor

The first step to performing maintenance on an air compressor is understanding how the compressor works. There are two main types of compressor: rotary screw and reciprocating. Both types require different kinds of maintenance as they have different internal configurations. So read your compressors manual. The biggest mistake any owner can make is skipping over it. The manual shows you how to properly operate the compressor, what every internal part does, and offers basic tips on how to maintain it. There is no better source for performing day-to-day care than manual from the actual company that built your air compressor.

Perform Simple Upkeep

The best way to maintain your compressor is through simple upkeep. By performing basic maintenance, you can ensure your compressor lasts longer and avoids serious repair. Luckily, all these steps can be performed while you are using it.

Tighten Fasters

When your compressor is running the engine creates vibrations. Such vibrations cause the fasteners holding the compressor to get loose. Simply tighten the fasters periodically to make sure they always hold strong. If you leave them alone too long, they will get too lose and what they are holding will fall off.

Drain Moisture

Moisture is the death nail of many machines. Unfortunately, compressors collect moisture form the air they use. This moisture becomes stored in the tanks. So, make sure you drain the moisture out of the tanks after each use.

Clean Intake Vents

The compressor will begin to degrade it has to work too hard. This can happen if the intake vents get clogged. So be sure to clean them regularly. It is an air compressor after all so the vents that allow the passage of air are important.

Get Someone Else to Do It

Many maintenance companies offer ongoing services as part of a package. Companies that sell compressors may often include ongoing service as part of a bundle. In any case, a company that shows up every few weeks to satisfy general maintenance can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. If looking for any type of air compressor maintenance chicago il. there are some things you should do first.

You should check ratings and reviews to see what their reputation looks like. Checking experience is good as well as the longer a business is open the more reliable it is. Also, be sure to price compare. The most important thing to look at is proper credentials as they denote legitimacy.

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