Ways to Improve Engine Life

Ways to Improve Engine Life

Although the type of vehicle you drive is sometimes seen as a status symbol, the primary reason people gave cars is for transportation. For those with fancy cars and high performance, it might be no sweat taking a trip down to the mechanic for routine maintenance. For anyone else who struggles to make ends meet, it can be devastating to have your engine quit and find a tow truck hailing your car down to a power transmission Fort Worth TX repair shop. To help improve your vehicle’s performance and to address problems early on, try these two simple maintenance tips.

1. Change the Air Filter

This is an inexpensive item that you can do on your own, although the techs at the oil changing station will be able to do it for you. Replacing it yourself is much cheaper. You should change it every 12,000 or 12 months, whichever comes first. You will find the filter under the hood in a black rectangular box, Removed the metal side clips to open the casing, and notice how the filter slides in and sits. Exchange the new one for the old, close the closing, and secure the metal clips. Improved air intake improves gas mileage but overall engine performance as well.

2. Change the Oil and Oil Filter

The old standards for oil changes were around every 3,000 miles, but newer vehicles are able to last until around 5,000 before needing to be changed. You can take your vehicle almost anywhere to get the oil changed, and it a reasonable starting cost is about $50. You can do it yourself with some car jacks, rather or oil filter wrench, funnel, and a drip pan.

Some of the simplest things can help increase your car’s ability to stay on the road and avoid the mechanic’s. YouTube and other online sites can be useful references in learning ways to DIY maintenance.

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