What is the OSHA 30 hour course?

What is the OSHA 30 hour course?

OSHA training

OSHA training is a program that offers safety and health hazard training to employees in relation to their job sites. OSHA training helps employees to prevent, minimize, avoid and recognize any health and safety hazards at work. The main aim of OSHA training is to increase the competency of employees and ensure their safety throughout the work period. This in turns increases the work productivity of the organization and leads to the attainment of goals and visions. The OSHA training program is built for both the employer and the employees. Employers are taught their responsibilities in ensuring the workplace is safe for work. On the other hand, employees are taught how to handle hazards at the workplace and how to prevent or avoid them from happening.

OSHA training helps employees recognize their value in the organization and their rights. Throughout the training program, employees are taught their rights and how they can file a complaint in cases of potential hazards. Every organization requires all its employees and employers to take the OSHA training and receive a completion card before beginning work. It is a crucial step because it minimizes risks and maximizes performance. OSHA training is provided by OSHA authorized trainers. Two main training classes are offered by the OSHA training program. This is the 10-hour OSHA training class and the 30-hour OSHA training class.

30-hour OSHA training class

The 30 hr OSHA class is a training program designed for individuals with safety responsibility. This means it is best suited for people in managerial positions such as supervisors and employees. The 30 hr osha class comprises of two main training topics which are construction industry training and general industry training. These two training programs teach supervisors how to be safe and responsible at the workplace as well as enforcing safety precautions. The beauty of the 30-hour OSHA training program is that it offers more in-depth training than the 10-hour course. The topics in the course are wider and cover a broader range of workplace safety issues.

The following are the two main 30-hour OSHA training courses:

  • Construction industry: the 30 hour OSHA training course for the construction industry is best suited for people that are in building, construction and development fields. This course offers a wide range of topics for preventing and avoiding health and safety hazards in this industries if one is in any construction related industry, they should sign up for this course because it has all the specifications for that worksite.
  • General industry: the 30 hour OSHA training course for general industry is best suited for workers and supervisors that are in healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, and storage. The course provides health and safety tips for employees in these industries. To identify if one is in the general industry area, they can look at the topics provided in the courses for the general industry. If the courses coincide with what one is required to do daily, they are in the general industry niche.


The requirements for the 30-hour OSHA training course are few. One is required to complete the course in six months from the day they started. The minimum score one is required to have seventy percent. Also, one only has three chances to pass the online test for OSHA training. The 30-hour OSHA training course is crucial for supervisors because it trains them to identify hazards and avoid them. It also prepares employees for potential hazards at the workplace making the overall safety experience better. This way all employees can work in a safe environment throughout the year.

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